Social meets performance.


Dynolicious is the nexus of your automotive world, test the performance of your car including horsepower, 0-60, and 1/4 mile.* Share your vehicle photos, stories and performance results with the world.

Verifiable Velocity

Use Dynolicious Fusion and your iOS device to test your vehicle’s performance.

Park Your Ride on the Internet

Create your Dynolicious profile and share everything about your vehicles with the world.

Awesome Discovery

See what others are doing with their vehicles. Get help, inspiration, or just see something cool.

* Testing requires Dynolicious Fusion. Metric equivalents also available. (Compare Versions)

Verifiable Velocity

With Dynolicious Fusion* you have a set of accurate performance testing tools in your pocket.

Buy a copy of Fusion for $9.99 from the App Store

Timed Run

Dynolicious Fusion is a drag strip in your pocket. Slip your iOS device into a cup holder or mount, then find an open stretch of pavement to test speed, acceleration, and horsepower.

Skid Pad

Find the edges of your vehicle’s grip with the Skidpad test. Analyze your driving style to improve lap times at the track.

*Available for iOS through the iTunes App Store. See Device Requirements.

Park Your Ride on the Internet

It doesn’t matter if it’s high speed, high class, or something entirely different. Dynolicious is your vehicle’s home on the internet*. Now you have a place to show off your ride in style.


Show us what you’ve got, because the world wants to see. Dynolicious allows you to quickly and easily share your photos with others. Galleries allow you to organize pictures by event, project, or any other way you choose.


Share your stories, projects, or events with others. Document anything from a scenic drive to a frame-off restoration. Add pictures and see questions and comments from your readers.


Your car’s message board where you can post updates, or others can post messages about your car.  The perfect way to connect with friends, fellow enthusiasts, and anyone interested in your ride.

*Most features limited to native iOS App. Desktop access via web coming Summer 2013.

Awesome Discovery


Explore other user’s vehicles. Dynolicious was built to allow you to discover other interesting vehicles.


Communicate with other users. Send users private messages, comment on photos and posts, or just post a message on a vehicle’s wall.

Additional Details

What's the difference between apps?

Classic is the original Dynolicious originally released in 2008. Connect is the Dynolicious social network. Fusion is a completely brand-new testing suite (which also includes Dynolicious Connect).

See a comparison chart for all apps

Is it an app or a service?

Dynolicious Fusion is a mobile app that connects to Dynolicious Connect. Dynolicious Connect is an automotive specific social networking service built to connect automotive enthusiasts.

What if I just want to test my car?

Dynolicious Fusion does not require for you to utilize the Dynolicious social network to take advantage of the testing features. Feel free to keep all of your awesomeness to yourself!

How do I access Dynolicious without Fusion?

Currently Dynolicious is only available via the Dynolicious Fusion app. We will gradually be inviting non-Fusion users to create Dynolicious accounts.

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Dynolicious leverages Facebook for authentication and connecting to your existing friends.

Facebook is REQUIRED for interacting with the Dynolicious social network, however you may explore and use all the testing functions of Dynolicious Fusion without logging into Facebook.


Dynolicious Fusion will operate on any iOS device running iOS 6.0 (or better). What version of iOS am I running?

Dynolicious is optimized for use on the iPhone 4, 4S and 5.


Dynolicious has an extensive roadmap of future features. Even at this moment the Dynolicious team is working hard to make Dynolicious even better.

What happened to the old Dynolicious?

The previous version of Dynolicious is still available (we've renamed it "Dynolicious Classic"). You can purchase it in the App Store for $4.99.

How do I send Dynolicious Fusion as a gift?

You can choose "Gift this App" on the App page inside of iTunes, or you can go directly to the gift page.